Plan to Eat’s Easy Meals for the New Year

Hey guys! I have some super exciting news to share with you!  This month I have partnered up with Plan to Eat to bring you their Easy Meals for the New Year challenge.  They have collected 30 simple-to-make, family-friendly, healthy, and delicious recipes from all over the web and made them available and easily accessible to you.  Plan to Eat shares my goal for planning and making home cooked meals that save you time and money. They are so awesome and even included my Slow Cooker Mexican Stuffed Peppers recipe this week!

I have always loved meal planning because it made my life easier and saved me the headache of running around the grocery store looking for ingredients and ideas last minute.  I used to be really good about it but since I had my son, trying to plan my meals and organize my shopping list just became extremely time consuming, so I gave up on it for a while.  Since discovering Plan to Eat, my life has completely changed….meal plans are a breeze and their amazing software instantly creates a simple shopping list with all of the ingredients needed.

What is Plan to Eat?

If you’ve never heard of Plan to Eat, it’s a website that I now recommend to people who ask me if there is a way to easily create meal plans from their favorite recipes and make grocery lists. Plan to Eat gives you a place to save all your favorite recipes from around the web, cookbooks, magazines, recipe cards and of course The Slow Cooking Housewife blog.  You take your saved recipes and drag them onto the day/meal you want and it generates an instant shopping list. This amazing meal planner will give you all the tools you need to quickly and efficiently plan and make your favorite wholesome recipes.

What is the Easy Meals for the New Year challenge?

The Easy Meals for the New Year Challenge is a 4 week challenge that Plan to Eat has created with an amazing collection of healthy and easy recipes from different blogs and websites. You get to organize them on the days that you want to make them. Your customized plan and the shopping lists are easy to print so that you can be organized and on your way to cooking your favorite meals.  Sign up for a free 30 day trial on the Special Easy Meals for the New Year Page and you will be automatically linked to all of the recipes you will need for this challenge.  Check out this very informative short video that explains it all.  Happy meal planning!!